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The Document Centre 286

The Document Centre 286 is an affordable feature rich system engineered to help you work faster and smarter to maximise your business' performance. Its enhanced network capabilities amongst others allow the device to be configured, managed and administered remotely. While its advanced security and cost control features ensure the protection of confidential data and the maintenance of budgets.

The Document Centre 286 is also capable of integrating with a number of third party solutions and uses the environmentally friendly, high quality, proprietary Fuji Xerox EA toner. It is a modular system, which can be easily upgraded from a stand-alone copier to a fully multifunctional system in order to cater for your businesses growing needs.

Advanced Network Scanning Solution

The Document Centre 286 can be upgraded to include a scanning function capable of scanning documents at a rate of 50ipm (monochrome). Its standard duplexing features combined with up to 600dpi x 600dpi resolution also ensure crisp clear images ready for output.

Scan to FTP / SMB

Documents scanned using the DC286 can be directly transferred to a designated directory on an FTP server using FTP protocol. Alternatively, users can also transfer their scanned images directly into the shared folder of any Windows client on the same network using SMB protocol.

Scan to E-mail & File Formats

Scanned documents can also be sent as attachments to any single or multiple nominated e-mail addresses within or outside the organization. These attachments can be saved in a number of industry standard formats including PDF, TIFF, JPEG etc. Larger documents consisting of multiple pages can also be broken down and sent separately.

Light Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

Whilst the DC286 is capable of storing e-mail addresses on board the device, it also supports LDAP5, whereby users can access the internal corporate address book on the mail server and track the e-mail address of an intended recipient by simply searching for their name.

Scan to Mailbox

The Document Centre 286 is capable of scanning to designated mailboxes on the device. Users can retrieve scanned images/documents from their computer by using CentreWare Internet Services through the web browser.

Advanced Facsimile Solution

The office facsimile is an important communication device in any business environment. Using industry standard G3 technology, the Document Centre 286 facsimile is capable of transmitting faxes at a speed of less than 3 seconds per page. As an added benefit, 2 additional fax lines can also be added to a fax enabled DC286 for sending and receiving faxes.

PC / Hardcopy Faxing

The Document Centre 286 allows users to send faxes directly from any network connected PC thereby eliminating the need to print before faxing. It is also capable of faxing: A4 to A3 sized documents, Bound documents, Books, Objects and many many more...

Internet Fax (iFAX)

When configured with the optional iFax kit, the Document Centre 286 takes faxing to the next level.

Data Security Kit

For absolute peace of mind on any data security concerns, the DC286 is available with an optional Data Security Kit. Upon installation of this kit, administrators can encrypt the information stored on the hard disk drive so that it cannot be accessed without authorization.

Administrators can take the data security management to the next level with the overwrite & "zero clear" of the hard disk drive feature to eliminate any fears of subsequent reproduction of the image/data previously stored on the hard disk drive.

Advanced Printing Solution

The powerful 300MHz processor, 256 MB RAM and Network Interface Card (NIC) that are available as standard features on the printer module of the DC286, mean it is fully equipped to handle the heaviest of workloads.

The DC286 is also capable of printing up to 23ipm / 28 ipm respectively (A4 LEF). It raises the bar in image quality with print resolutions of up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi and offers users a variety of value added features designed to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maintain security The DC286 is equipped with the extremely intuitive PCL6 printer driver as standard.

Secure Print

In a business environment where the security of confidential documents is a major concern, this feature provides peace of mind.

Duplex & N-up Printing

The DC286 comes standard with a tray-less duplex unit allowing users the benefit of double sided printing without having to reload sheets. It also allows users to print multiple pages (up to 32 pages) on the one sheet.

Booklet Creation

The DC286 is also capable of creating signature booklet formats.

Sample Print & Watermarks

Controls the wastage and costs associated with high volume printing by allowing the user to place a large job in a queue and print one sample set for proofing prior to proceeding with the entire job. Users can also set print text such as Confidential" Draft" etc as watermarks in the background of the document.

Advanced Copying Solution

The Document Centre 286 is an extremely feature rich copier that is very easy to use. Its fast First Copy Out Time of 4.5 seconds or less and 28ipm print speeds ensure continuous productivity in any business environment.

Its versatility for printing on a wide variety of different media sizes, weights and types simultaneously also ensures the production of highly professional looking documents in-house.

Output Speed - printing & copying

  • A4 (LEF) 28 ipm
  • A3 15 ipm

Network Printing

  • Processor Power PC 300 Mhz.
  • Memory 256 MB (standard) / 20 GB (optional HDD)
  • Interface 100Base-TX/10Base-T,
  • Parallel Port (IEEE1284), USB 2.0
  • Printer Languages PCL(r) 6 & TIFF (Standard)/ Postscript(r) 3, (Optional)
  • Resolution 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
  • Operating Systems Windows(r) 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, NT 4.0, 2003 Server, Mac OS(r)
  • Protocols Standard: TCP/IP, SMB, IPP, Port 9100, EtherTalk(r), Optional: NetWare(r)
  • Network Printing Features Secure Print; Delay Print; Booklet Creation; Watermark; Banner Sheet (enable/disable); & more.

Network Scanning

  • Concurrency Scan while the system is printing, copy or network print jobs.
  • Input Speed 50 ipm (A4 LEF, 200 dpi)
  • Resolution
    • Binary - 600 dpi, 400 dpi, 300 dpi, 200 dpi
    • Grey - 400 dpi, 300 dpi, 200 dpi
  • Halftone - 256 levels of Grey
  • Maximum Scan area Up to A3 (297mm x 432mm)
  • Network Protocol FTP via TCP/IP; SMB via TCP/IP (Network Scanning)
  • Network Protocols SMTP, MIME encoded (Scan to E-mail)
  • File Formats TIFF, JPEG, PDF
  • Document Management Fields One to six user-programmable metadata fields per scan job.
  • Scan Destinations Scan to network server, Scan to e-mail, & more.
  • Directory Access Corporate address list via LDAP; Downloaded address List (CSV file format)


  • FCOT A4 (LEF) 4.5 seconds or less
  • Concurrency Concurrent Scanning & Printing
  • Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
  • Copy Pre-Collation Memory 128 MB (Standard) & 20 GB (optional HDD)
  • Reduction/Enlargement 25% to 400% in 1% increments
  • Sides (input:output) 1:1; 1:2; 2:2; 2:1
  • Quantity 1 to 999
  • Internal Copy Auditron Standard (500 users)
  • Foreign Device Interface to 3rd Party access control devices (optional)
  • Special Features Auto paper select; Auto tray switching; Job build;
  • Covers insertion; Sample set.

Paper Handling - DADF

  • Capacity 75 sheets
  • Speed 35 ipm
  • Paper Sizes Sensed A5 - A3
  • Weights 38 - 128 gsm

Paper Handling - (Including 2 Tray Module)

  • Capacity 500 sheets each (Trays 1 - 4) @ 80 gsm
  • Paper Sizes A5 - A3
  • Weights 60 - 105 gsm (Tray 1), 60 - 216 gsm (Trays 2-4)

Paper Handling - Tandem Tray Module (HCF)

  • Capacity 2000 sheets
  • Paper Sizes A4
  • Weights 60 - 216 gsm (Trays 3-4)

Paper Handling - Bypass Tray

  • Capacity 95 sheets
  • Sizes 100mm x 100mm - 305mm x 483mm
  • Weights 60 - 216 gsm


  • Transmission Time Less than 3 seconds
  • Transmission Speed 33.6 kbps
  • Memory 8 MB (standard) & 20GB (optional HDD)
  • Dual Access Yes
  • Multiple Lines (option) Maximum 3 lines
  • Capability G3
  • Speed Dials/Group Dials 500 destinations/50 groups (20 per group)
  • Sending Document Size B4 - A3
  • Data Compression MH, MR, MMR, JBIG

Internet Facsimile

  • Network Protocol SMTP; POP3
  • Sending Document Size B4 - A3
  • Receiving Document Size B4 - A3
  • Scanning System/Supporting Format Flat bed scanning by CCD image sensor MH/MR/MMR/JBIG
  • Scan Resolution Standard 200 x 100 dpi
  • Fine 200 x 200 dpi
  • Super Fine 400 x 400 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi


  • Toner Yield (per cartridge) 25,000 per cartridge
  • Drum Yield 55,000

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